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Domestic Violence awareness ribbonDomestic Violence / Abuse

The term domestic violence is used to describe anything from emotional abuse and financial abuse to sexual abuse, intimidation, isolation and/or threats.

This can mean:

If you are a parent experiencing domestic violence you may have many concerns over your children, including being:

If you are affected by domestic violence, you are not alone. You can talk over these concerns, confidentially, with a number of specialist, sensitive services who won't judge you because of what you say or force you to make a decision you do not want to make.

It is important to remember that the abuse you have experienced, and your children have been exposed to, is not your fault.

To see detailed inter-agency procedures regarding Domestic Violence/Abuse - see Sandwell SCB Procedures: Domestic Abuse.

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Listed below are some of the organisations that can support you:

If you are a male victim of domestic violence, contact:

For men and women in a gay, bisexual or transgender relationship, contact:

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