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Reporting Concerns

For referrals and re-referrals where professionals have safeguarding or child protection concerns for children

If you have safeguarding or child protection concerns in relation to children please consult the SSCB Multi Agency Thresholds Document and if necessary make contact with Sandwell Children’s Services, including Early Help using the pathways and details below.

For information on the SSCB Multi Agency Thresholds document and guidance please see the links below:

If you believe that Early Help services will be able to assist the family through either yourself as the lead professional or through additional Early Help Services or via the Community Operating Groups (COGs) then refer via the e-caf system (training is available at the website address www.sandwell.gov.uk/integratedworking). Alternatively a paper Early Help Assessment obtained from the website can be sent in which should be e-mailed securely to ecaf_queries@sandwell.gcsx.gov.uk (please note that the email will only be secure if it is also coming from a secure email address i.e. gcsx/nhs.net/pnn.police/cjsm). For enquires or queries regarding new referrals/early help cases or advice and guidance please contact the Early help Desk on 0845 3521836 or 0845 3522516 or 0845 352 7221

Non Emergency

If you believe that the risk is significant and is a child protection issue but the child is in no immediate danger you must complete a Multi Agency Referral Form (MARF) as soon as possible and within a maximum of 24 hours. Please send your completed MARF via secure e-mail to: access_team@sandwell.gcsx.gov.uk.

For information on how to access and complete a MARF please see the links below:


If a child is at imminent significant risk of harm/immediate danger you should consider calling 999 in the first instance (for Police or Ambulance) and contacting Children’s Social Care by telephoning Sandwell’s Contact Centre on 0121 569 3100 (out of office hours is the same number). You will be expected to complete a MARF without delay.

MASH - Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub

The MASH has been formed to protect children and families who may be at risk of harm including domestic abuse. It is a co-located multi agency team which securely shares information between agencies. The information is used to understand the needs of a child or adult about whom concerns have been raised. The MASH identifies a full picture of the known risks affecting the children and their family and then ensures timely and relevant actions to address these issues. 

The following documents provide guidance on when to make a referral:

Allegations about a Colleague/Professional

If your concerns or suspicions are about a colleague or professional/carer (including volunteers), you must report them. Please visit our Professionals page.


If you wish, you can browse the Sandwell SCB Procedures Manual e.g. if you wish to obtain information about Confidentiality, how Child Protection Enquiries will be undertaken or about Information Sharing.

You can also download general guidance ‘What to do if you’re worried a child is being abused’.


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